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Movie Review- July 4 : A sheer waste of time

July 21, 2007

Pic courtesy: Indiaglitz

All of us make mistakes in life and watching July 4 starring Dileep and Roma is one of the recent ones I did.

July 4 is supposed to be Dileeps lucky date in terms of his releases.Some of his previous movies like Meesha Madhavan, CID Moosa etc, released on the same date had set the box office on fire. Well,the title and the story of the movie has no connection except for the fact that a certain incident is bound to happen on the same date and it doesnt really matter if its different too. Worst part is that the some of the characters keep repeating the date ”July 4″ in the movie when it is justifiable to say only 4th .Dileep doesnt have any recent hits to his credit(except for Sathyan Anthikads Vinodayathra) and so he has tried his luck naming the movie based on his sentiment or superstition to finally taste success. We could also see the director Joshy’s name in the credits as ‘Joshiey’ which is again, based on numerolgy. Too bad for both of them, the movie is a whole load of crap. One should not believe on dates and numerolgy to have a success and thats the only thing to learn after watching the movie.
The movie starts off in a central jail, where ACP Ramachandran(Siddique) gets transferred to.His transfer has a lot of hidden intentions.He wants to stop one of the inmates , Gokul Das(Dileep) from getting bailed on July 4th(thts the only connection) and he starts torturing him in prison to provoke him for bad conduct. Incidentally, Das has been sentenced for 3 years for stabbing a police officer which by the way happened to be our ACP. A jailor Potti(Innocent) feels sympathetic and listens to Das’ past. Das (who had a terrible past narrated in the 70’s and 80’s style) and his friends in Mumbai are a group of thugs and they happen to be on the hitlist of the encounter specialists.Das escapes from Mumbai to lead a happy life and ends up becoming a taxi driver in Coimbatore.Thats when he meets the heroine sreepriya(Roma) who is from a wealthy family and then after a couple of incidents, he becomes their driver. One fine day, some baddies chase Das and Sreepriya on the way from coimbatore and somehow gets stuck in a forest. Now comes the twist in the tale.The situations right from the scene where Das becomes their driver till this chase was preplanned by Das himself along with his old friends from Mumbai. The rest of the story is to answer a few questions in the audiences mind like why,when, how and for what, with some more twists in between ,which again is so predictable.
The movie reminds us of the movies in the 80s(where a step dad is behind the wealth of his step daughter and he with his police pal sets to destroy her), mixed with plots from certain hindi movies. One wonders whether was it really ‘Joshiey’ who held the megaphone for this movie or not. A bad output from the really talented director who infact is responsible for some of the best movies and hits in the malayalam cine industry.
The screenplay has too many flaws and at times, the scenes do not make any sense and connection at all.Regarding performance, Dileep as Gokul Das does not do comedy here except for a few scenes.He is composed but not at his best. Roma as the heroine is pathetic in terms of her acting abilities and lip sync. The story revolves around the heroine and so the casting crew should have opted for a better heroine.Siddique, Devan, Cochin Haneefa, Riyaz Khan has nothing new to perform in this movie.Apart from them, Janardhanan, Vijayaraghavan, Salim Kumar,Shammi Thilakan come in cameos.
The music by Ouseppachan is aweful and a particular song is a direct lift from Guru’s Aey Heirathen. They havent left the music also from plagiarism.Cinematography and Editing offers nothing new.
To sum up, this movie is not advisable for those are wants entertainment in the form of cinema becuz you would for sure regret paying the tickets during the movie itself. One can wait for it to be aired on any of the Television channels in a few years .Infact, the movie is not worth any wait.Please avoid.
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