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Movie Review : Pirivom Sandippom and Bheema

January 23, 2008

The first is a smooth ride on the highway while the second one is one jerky ride that you would not want to experience.

Karu Pazhaniappans latest venture, Pirivom Sandippom, is a woman centric film without trying to evoke tears in the viewers with melodramas. The first half of the movie would take you through an eloborate wedding ceremony and the happiness in a joint family and totally contradicting from it, the second half explores the loneliness in a womans life post wedding. The casting is simply brilliant and the actors bring their respective character to life with their performance. Cheran and Sneha play the couples and they share an awesome chemistry on screen. It seems as if they were really a couple and a candid cam was used to shoot the whole scenes between them. Among the other actors, Jayaram makes a mark and proves his versatily yet again, though his role is more like an extended cameo.

The movie is slow in parts with repetitive scenes in the second half, but at no point would one feel restless while watching them. The first half also has some unwanted comedy track, which could have been edited to make the film short and crisp. Music and BGM by Vidyasagar is good and goes well with the mood of the film. The movie has been approached with neo-realism, a kind of film making not explored much in Kollywood. Not much of technicality involved in the movie as most of the scenes are limited to indoors.

The makers had taken a big risk by releasing their movie during the Tamil festival, along with some over hyped biggies. Nevertheless, a good movie should always find its kind of viewers. A must watch for people who appreciate good cinema.

A much-hyped movie, Bheema has been in the cans for a very long time particularly for financial reasons. Once the final credits roll, you would understand why the delay. There is nothing much to talk about the movie, as it is one horrible experience. The first half would make you completely restless with the action and song sequences coming back and forth. The second half moves a bit faster, but with the unconvincing action and easily irritating romance scenes, your left out interest in the movie would also be killed and would want you to move out of the hall as early as possible.

The story and screenplay seems to be inspired from Vishnu Vardhans Arindum Ariyaamalum and Pattiyal. Even the roles of Prakash Raj and Aashish Vidyaarthi reminds you of the characters played by Prakash Raj himself and Aditya in Arindum Ariyamalum. Music by Harris Jayaraj is good but somehow does not go along with the movie and he has reused his own BGMs from Kaakha Kaakha in the encounter scenes.

Vikram saves Bheema from being a normal B-grade action movie. His acting and appearance is the only convincing factor in this movie. Trisha has hardly anything to do except to look good, which she doesn’t. She has to create an identity of her own and it is time she stopped aping Jyothika in the comedy scenes. Prakash Raj does what he does usually and Raghuvaran is wasted in such a role.

Please avoid this movie at any cost; you would regret spending your time, money and effort.

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  1. Reets permalink
    January 24, 2008 7:52 am

    Thanks much for the updates about Pirivom Sandhipom and Bheema. Now there is better clarity as to which movie is worth watching!!

    The tag line regarding the movies— jerky ride….hahaa…gives a clear pic abt Bheema ..

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