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Post Rakshabandhan

August 6, 2009



Now, that should be the national dress code for guys on Rakshabandhan day !!! 😀 😀

This was a forward sent by Rakesh yesterday. Rakesh is an upcoming blogger (but not new to the comments here) and hopes to be an addict some day. Can you imagine, I was his inspiration to blog !!! Check out his review on Transformers 2, it’s a total laugh riot !!! (Rakesh, that’s too much of publicity for you. Whens the treat?)

Anyway, I hope everyone had a wonderful Rakshabandhan. Guess what, I didn’t get any kind of thread on my hands this year!! Yeyyyy !!!! There are only three girls during my shift, one of them is too new to tie anything on anyones hand :D, the other one doesn’t speak to me since I pulled her leg publicly (actually, that leg pulling incident was the first time I ever spoke to about her, and she doesn’t speak to me because she still has no clue of what I said 😉 ), and the third one, I believe, didn’t take bath yesterday and so I didn’t go anywhere near her ( her hair looked so ewww!) !!!

Btw last year, on Rakshbandhan day, I had published a post that’s totally opposite to the one I did this year. Thanks a lot Verbivorehere for pointing it out and also for your comments in that post. But one question to you, Verbi : how did you even know about such a post? I don’t remember you commenting for that! Did you actually check out what I published last year same time? 😀 😀

But before signing off, theres something that I wanted to convey through Prem, but I couldn’t — 

 “Please stop ‘creating’ new brothers and sisters just because you know that such a day exist and you can take advantage of that ! It would be appreciable if people really understood the concept of Rakshabandhan and then went ahead with tying and getting tied. It’s a divine relationship and please do refer someone as your brother or sister only when you really mean it!! Moreover, we are still no.2 in population and don’t we need to beat the Chinese ?? 😀 ”

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  1. craftyshines permalink
    August 7, 2009 12:12 am


    • August 7, 2009 12:42 am

      Crafty trademark headgear kahan hai? N pls lend me that xtra pair of dancing shoes sweety 🙂

      • August 9, 2009 5:36 pm

        here – take the headgear!

        Crafty, you want some coffee?!!

  2. August 7, 2009 12:12 am

    first again! dandanakka!! 😛

    • August 7, 2009 12:13 am

      * grumble grumble *
      and to think i’m the one who told u abt this post!! 😛

      sigh… its ok u… its u na crafty!!! (and we actually said the same thing!!! can u believe it?? 😀 ) LOL

      waiting for ur comment 😀 before i give the award!

      • craftyshines permalink
        August 7, 2009 12:18 am

        ROFL ASH!!!!!!

        sigh! what more do i say?????
        HUGS SISTA!!!!!!!!

        now where is this vimmuu?????

        VIMMUUUUUUU!!! get here n join the dance will u!!!!!!

      • August 7, 2009 12:19 am

        ROFL!!! now u & i are going to spam this post thoroughly!!! 😀 😀 what joy!!

      • August 7, 2009 12:33 am

        Cn I join pls 😛

      • August 7, 2009 12:36 am

        of course!!!!!!!!!! whats there to ask???!!! 😀 😀

        me sees out of the corner of my eye… vimmuuu fainting in fake heart attack!!

    • craftyshines permalink
      August 7, 2009 12:13 am

      ash….after all the similarites……..u or me…’s the same thing!!!!


      now why can’t this vimmuuuu be on time and join us??????

    • August 7, 2009 12:21 am

      So you guys started this trend here too ??? 😀 😀 😀


  3. August 7, 2009 12:25 am

    Oh 😦 missed 😦

  4. August 7, 2009 12:35 am

    ROFL on that dress code n @ beating the Chinese 😉 😉

    Vimmuuu, whatz ur wud-be’s no. 😉

    • August 7, 2009 1:37 am

      My would be’s no. = 99-do you think im crazy-01 😀 😀 😀

      • August 7, 2009 1:50 am

        adu enikkishatayi!! 😀 😀 lol

      • August 7, 2009 11:22 am

        ‘do you think im crazy’ – Any doubt 😉

        Vim: errr…actually no 😉

      • August 8, 2009 2:52 am

        *crafty notes number and begins dialing*



        this to be fake number….


        Vim: *banging head on the wall !!!*
        soooper vimmuuuuu

  5. August 7, 2009 12:45 am

    LOL 😀

  6. August 7, 2009 12:47 am

    Great u mentioned Rakesh’s post.
    Ppl I second Vimmuuu on this one… that post is an absolute riot and a must-read!!!

    Vim : Thanks! Now even you can join me in his treat 😀

    but yea i agree wtih u… nowadays quite a few ppl use it as an excuse to get rid of the guy/girl who is pestering them… rather than appreciate the real value of the day.

    Vim : So how many rakhis did you send ? 😉

    as for us beating the chinese in population… dont make me comment 😛

    Vim : 😀 😀 you are keeping a lot to yourself these days !!!

    and the third one, I believe, didn’t take bath yesterday
    how the hell do u know that???? 😀 😛

    Vim : Didnt you read that hair bit ??? 😀

    • August 7, 2009 12:54 am

      Ha ha xactly 😉 😉

      Hw did u know she hd nt taken her bath 😉

      • August 7, 2009 1:41 am

        the hair…people..the hair !!! 😀

      • August 8, 2009 2:08 am

        dude! why is it tht u dont like hairy women? 😛

        Vim: Im allergic to women with unshaved hair !! But this was different, I repeat, she dint take bath 😀 😀

    • August 8, 2009 3:03 am

      Whaaat? u want to see me get killed or wht?
      Oh noo u have exposed my weird world to the blogosphere!!!Now You have just made it easier for The transformers & the bumble bee followers to track me down & kill me!
      Damn it! thanx a lot ‘bhaiyya’!! grrr

      Vim : Sigh, you shouldnt do favours to anyone these days !!!!

      Hehe..anyway Man u r too good! i think i should hire u as my marketing manager! Hey wait a sec..whn did i ever tell tht u were my inspiration?i dont remeber saying tht!!!! 😛 i think i must have lied to u!
      Wht treat? i havent even hired u yet.besides i think u still owe me tht purse + 3 credit cards. so no deal!

      Vim : Dude, get yourself packed back to India and you will get your purse !!!! oh, minus those credit cards that is 😀 😀

      dude i also had close encounters with such ‘sisters’ in my real life! No one can tie me down now coz i have come up with a master plan against any girl who tries to rakhi-bhai me! Thts right i will sue them saying tht they tried to kill me by cutting of my blood circulation! Take tht fake sisters!!!

      Vim : Heyy, thats a nice plan !!! and you are telling me NOW !!!

    • August 8, 2009 3:19 am

      thanx for the support.You are hired as my second marketing manager!
      And regarding the treat..well…vimmuu will take care of tht coz he owes me some money! hehe .

      • August 8, 2009 11:13 am

        LOL @ fake circulation story! nice dash of creativity… will give u credit for that 😀

        haha… athu kollaam. avasanam ellam vimal-inte thalayil… treat-um marketing-um okke… aalu kollaamallo! 😉

  7. craftyshines permalink
    August 7, 2009 1:11 am

    Rakhsha Bandhan and Thakur?????????
    ROFL!!!!!!!!!! Hahahah!!!!! Yes yes……u guys just resort to just about everything that is possible na? did u send this forward to Hitchy yet??? 😀

    Vim : Nope, I didnt. I wanted him to see it from here 😀 😀

    one of them is too new to tie anything on anyones hand
    😯 good lord!!! What is that supposed to mean??? This vimmuuu……

    Vim : LOL, now what is it supposed to supposed to mean ? 😀 😀

    The second one is offended by you? What did u say vimmuuu??? Are u sure she did not catch a glimpse of bathroom video conferencing type of encounter??? Eh???? Is that it???
    Tell tell vimmuuu, we will not laugh *crafty gets gag to hide guffaws*

    Vim : Thats a long story !! I wanted to put that as a post, but its a little A-rated 😀 😀

    Third one did not have a bath? Now how do u know that???
    I am HIGHLY suspicious of ur affinity with bathroom and related topics!!!!
    *vimmmuuu throws soap and shampoo bottle on crafty*

    Vim : Ohhh you people !! From now on, every time I take a bath, I would be reminded of these comments. It will be like the entire blogosphere watching me take bath !!! 😀 😀

    Her hair looked so eww?
    Gee….. *crafty lookin at ceiling*
    Erm….ok, tho I usually don’t comb my hair, when I meet u vimmuuu, I will surely!:D
    🙄 the things u have to do to maintain your friends… someone will want me to brush my teeth daily…..sheesh….whatever happned to accepting as u are!
    *crafty drama queen*

    Vim : You dont brush your teeth ??? (Ewwww) raised to the power infinity !
    Divine relationship indeed it is!!! 😀

    Vim : 😀

    Glad u escaped it this year vimmuuu…..


    Vim : Yeah, this is a danganakka year !!

    • August 7, 2009 1:26 am

      ROFLMAO!!! 😀 😀 crafty sista… this time also u win hands down!!!!!!

      • August 7, 2009 1:47 am

        I know. Her comment is longer than my post 😛

      • August 8, 2009 4:00 am

        I can imagine Vimmuuu throwing all that on you Crafty :D*

        he is a devil !

        sheesh! the number of public baths he is taking
        disgraceful I tell you!


        Vim: I do some charity and this is what I get, huh ? 😀 😀 😀

      • August 10, 2009 5:29 pm

        Indy!!! will u look at what vimmuuu calls his indecent exposure??

        Indy and crafty look at each other like this – 🙄 🙄


    • August 7, 2009 11:32 am

      OMG li’l sis! Sometimes, I feel I do a post more for reading ur take on it 😉 Sacchi mein 😛

      • August 7, 2009 3:53 pm

        @ ash: hugs!!! tee hee! me loves ur replies!!!

        @ vimmuuu: it is NOT longer than ur post… *hopes vimmuuu buys that*

        @ swaram: alleeee….swaram….will never miss ur posts…may come in
        late, but u know na i am always there 😀 hugs!!!

  8. August 7, 2009 1:27 am

    ROFL!!! That outfit would be perfect !!

    You do have interesting colleagues.. Out the three – you have offended one, one is too new (thank god for her, I don’t envy her as she gets to know her colleague :)) and the third – no bath? Wow! I thought that was what boys/men did !

    ROFL at ‘Moreover, we are still no.2 in population and don’t we need to beat the Chinese ?? ”’ – yes, very important indeed!

  9. August 7, 2009 1:49 am

    I know ! We need to escape from evil ones like you, rt? 😛

    “no bath? Wow! I thought that was what boys/men did !” — Heyy, not fair !!! 😀 😀 😀

    LOL, that quote at the end was meant to be serious and everyone seems to be noticing only the chinese bit 😀 😀 😀 Sigh !!!

  10. August 7, 2009 1:49 am

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! 😛 😛 😛 😛

    • August 7, 2009 1:50 am

      I’ll be back to say more later. 😉

      • August 7, 2009 11:39 pm

        So Vimmuuu…… I take it this post was a “hint” to all the female bloggers that you want them to tie a rakhi on you and you wish to become their “brother aka bhaiya aka bhai” ??? 😉

    • August 7, 2009 1:58 am

      😀 😀 😀 You have got the indyeah flu, huh? 😉

      • August 7, 2009 8:46 am

        Indyeah flu… LOL bro 😆

      • August 7, 2009 11:36 pm

        Yes. I hav indi flu. 😉 😛

      • August 8, 2009 3:58 am

        Vimmuuuu grrrr

        *hunting for memory loss pills *the other kind :mrgreen: *
        then you wont remember the word! 😛 😛

  11. August 7, 2009 7:29 am

    hahahahahahahaha 😛
    thankfully the concept of rakshabandan does not exist in america 😛 so I escaped as always!!!!!!!!!! buhahahahahahahahahahaha

    Vim: You lucky fella !!! but actually, you should teach those americans this concept !!! That should be our way of expressing gratitude to them for letting them stay in their country 😀 😀

    I dont know why, but no one ever has tied a rakshabandhan for me after school 😉 ROFL!!

    Vim : Get back to India aliyaa and you are going to pay a hugge price for that statement of yours !! 😉

    • August 7, 2009 9:10 am

      Wait I’ll call my fren in US and ask her to arrange a Rakhi Tying day for you!!!

      You shouldn’t miss Indian festivals u see…keep in touch with your roots 😀

    • August 7, 2009 12:52 pm

      N u r saying that here!!!!!! Lotz of Rakhis may reach u soon 😉

      • August 7, 2009 5:25 pm

        Masood hs already given away Audis n Ferraris! So some nice gifts pls 😛

    • August 7, 2009 12:53 pm

      Are you sad? OG rakhi coming in parcel. Keep my gifts ready.

      • August 7, 2009 8:17 pm

        @Smitha, no thank you 😛 😛 😛

        @swaram, hehehehehehehe 😛 my identity is still a secret right? 😛

        @ Don Sols, first let the rakhi come… then i will think about gift :mrgreen:

      • August 8, 2009 3:57 am

        ROFL!! OG you invited the trouble 😀

        wait lemme hunt for a rakhi too 😀

      • August 9, 2009 1:46 am

        😛 😛 yes indy, i alwats end up putting foot in mouth 😛 😛 😛 😛

  12. August 7, 2009 8:21 am

    The National dress code is really funny. LOL. And I read with baited breath your last bit on the divine relationship etc etc etc…and then I came to the line…”beat China…”
    OK I am getting the hang here now. You are actually The funny sarcastic dude…
    Love the funny and the sarcasm

    • August 10, 2009 12:50 am

      LOL, You JUST got the hang of this place??? Ok, NOW you are Welcome to V-Lokam !!!! 😀 😀 😀

  13. August 7, 2009 8:37 am

    This dress code is amazing dude. The three girls story and beating the China definitely makes sense, I guess, you want India to be no. 1 in every field and want to contribute “heavily” for that 😀

    • August 10, 2009 12:57 am

      ROFL, I really dont want to contribute for that!!!! 😀 😀 I will be banned from the country !!!! 😉

  14. August 7, 2009 8:48 am

    Atlast you have escaped this year… yet to read your last year post bro… will read it soon 😛 😛

  15. August 7, 2009 9:08 am

    No wonder you were not taking calls on Rakhi!!! Haath hi nahin to phone kahan se uthaoge thakur!!!! 😀 and now as Rakhi is over you have come out hiding….tcch tcch Darrpok!!!!

    Vim : Oh, you still dont get it ???? You were calling !!! I didnt pick it up because you were calling !!! 😀 😀

    And so typical of you to put the blame on girl!!! huh!!! Am sure you wouldn’t have taken bath on Rakhi so that all girls stayed away from you 😀

    Vim : LOL, to be honest, thats actually a nice idea !!! I could try that idea whenever we plan to meet too !!! Not for the Rakhi !!! I just wanna stay away from you !! 😀 😀

    And seriously agree with you. Rakhi is being taken as just another festival and is losing its sanctity!!!

    Vim : Look whos talking !! you wanted to tie that thread even on the shop keeper to get a stupid monkey game 😀 😀

    But “we are still no.2 in population and don’t we need to beat the Chinese ??”??? …

    You wait here lemme get the ministry of Family Planning here!!! 😀 😀 😀

    Vim : Ohhh, I dont think it will help !! Neither of us are gay !!! 😀 😀

    • August 7, 2009 10:58 am

      Guess what..more than the posts..i seriously have started enjoying you boths comments on each others post.. :p 😛 plsss for my sake make it a lill lengthier next time 😛

      • August 7, 2009 12:03 pm

        i second verbi here.. this is getting interesting evryday:)

      • August 10, 2009 2:18 am

        I hope she makes it lengthier !!! Im in for a verbal assault !! 😀 😀

    • August 8, 2009 3:56 am

      loved your comment Smita 😀

      the banter is so interesting to read 😀 I feel like a spectator at a tennis match 😀
      *watch my head turn left ,then right ,,then left then right 😀 *
      my neck is sore now watching you two 😀

  16. August 7, 2009 9:56 am

    Dude I am clean as well 😛 No rakhis … 😛 maybe the girls were busy seeing the last of rakhi on T.V.? 😛 (no not really 😉 )

    • August 10, 2009 1:06 am

      LOL, for your age, you should be getting rakhis till your biceps, on both the hands 😀 😀 😀

  17. soneeta permalink
    August 7, 2009 10:01 am

    i think people really went through your previous post very seriously and thus you didnt have any rakhi on your hands this time.very strategically played.good !
    it used to be fun in school and collage when guys used to bunk classes just to avid this rakhi..

    • August 10, 2009 1:09 am

      You understood the whole plan,huh??? 😉

      and I was like one of those guys 😀 😀 , but the only difference is I used to get caught by the girls while jumping itself 😉

  18. August 7, 2009 10:50 am

    so thakur.. you were saved this year…. 😉

    rightly said.. anyway guys won’t change even if rakhis are tied to them.. so why waste the rakhi… ! 🙂

    you want to be no. 1 in that.. now you too can contribute.. 😉

    btw there is no post about her yet.. and not even your UK trip.. did this 2 really happen or was just fiction to get comments…..????????

    prove’em. 😀

    • August 10, 2009 1:12 am

      Yeah, Im saved !!! 😀 😀 😀

      LOL @ the guys. Thats wrong; we suddenly change into the brotherly figure once that thread is tied 😀 😀 😀

      Posts relating to those are coming up. Patience young woman, patience 😀 😀 😀

  19. August 7, 2009 10:59 am

    Thakuuur Rakhi teri sleeve pe bandh doongi.


  20. August 7, 2009 11:03 am

    Buhahahaha ellam ariyunaval njan!! 😛 😛 but jst see the ‘marimaayam’ of 365 days! and despite my warning of every girls reaction..u put up that post again!! sigh!! btw I aint troubled one bit by your glaring message 😛 You seriously qualify man!!! 😛 I even think of promoting your ‘brotherly’ qualifications..among my friends too :P..ull look damn good in that dress code 365 days ..

    • August 10, 2009 1:16 am

      NOOOOOOOOOO……you cant do that to me !!!!! Sigh, now there is no use !!! Do whatever you want ! I can only be a brotherly figure now 😀 😀 😀

  21. August 7, 2009 11:36 am

    Now, is the dress code all abt that shawl??? Thakur had no hands itself rt 😛

  22. August 7, 2009 12:02 pm

    Dress code. tell me vimmu..did u wear that to office on Rakhi day?

    I agree with you that Rakshabandan is loosing its value with many of them tying rakhis to guys even when they dont feel like a brother to them. The brotherly feeling is something which we dont feel for everyone..

    • August 10, 2009 1:21 am

      LOL, how I wish I wore that till last year !!!! 😀 😀 😀

      I know!! Its like getting a few extra rakhis and instead of throwing them, they go look around for ‘brothers’ !!! 😀

  23. August 7, 2009 12:17 pm

    Lol the dress code 😀 😀

    How u know that she didn’t take her bath ??

    Please do refer someone as your brother or sister only when you really mean it!! — well said,i believe this and till now i didn’t tied rakhis to any guys

    • August 10, 2009 1:22 am

      You didnt tie rakhi to any guys ???? Good !!! You shouldve been every guys favourite during college !!! 😀 😀 😀

  24. August 7, 2009 12:40 pm

    Laughing out loud on hair looking ewwww ! But, I just dont believe that ladies go to work like that !!! May be its a new hairstyle, which you have not understood.

    We’re no 2 in population, rt ?? All the more reason, to tie more rakhis – see, this is a new method at population control !!!!

    BTW, did u hear about the health minister’s new idea for population control – very funny !!! 🙂

    Are u sad that no rakhis were tied on to ur hand ????

    • August 10, 2009 1:26 am

      New hairstyle ??? Why would anyone want to punish themselves like that???

      Actually Im a little sad. All these while, when I didnt want it, I got it in plenty !!! Now that I dont have a problem, noones tying !! 😀 😀 😀

  25. August 7, 2009 12:52 pm

    What are you? Now smelling girls in your office? Gosh! 😆

    You still stuck on Raksha Bandhan. Tell the truth….did your to be jeevitasakhi call you bhaiyya. Kolamayo aliya ? 😆

    • August 7, 2009 11:44 pm

      😯 Vimmuuu…. Your wife to be called you bhaiyya??

    • August 10, 2009 1:28 am

      LOL, I dont go about smelling women !! She looked like she didnt have bath !!! 😀 😀 😀 How I wish I smelt…oh, never mind, you wouldnt understand 😀 😀 😀

  26. August 7, 2009 3:53 pm

    Good take Vimmuuu! I second you on this……… every bit of it! Hope the message is loud n clear!

    • August 10, 2009 1:29 am

      Yup brother !!! ooops, did I just call you brother ? 😀 😀 😀

  27. August 7, 2009 11:52 pm

    I think Rakshabandhan is a very healthy way to control population. 😛

  28. August 8, 2009 3:19 am

    hahahaaaaa too good an idea not to look into! Classic attire for Raksha Bandhan! Thanks :))

    • August 10, 2009 1:37 am

      Welcome to V-Lokam and thanks for dropping in your comment !!!

      LOL, we should all try it next year, together; what say ????

  29. August 8, 2009 3:53 am

    SOmeone sure is obsessed with rakhi and brotherhood and rakshabadhan 😉
    I think the last post just might have been autobiographical 😆

    Vim : LOL, yes, kinda !!! 😀 😀 😀

    okay wait! lemme clarify I was kidding before you hatch some evil plan for revenge 😛

    Vim : Nahhh, you were asking something that was true 😀 😀

    ya seriously think the dressocde would be enough to save you guys from the rakhis? 😀

    Vim : where else would you girls tie ?? In our legs ??? 😀 😀 😀
    Vimmuuu now you are booked so there will be a deluge of rakhis coming your way 😀

    be prepared after Dhiren its your turn to become bhai 😀

    Dhiren help us do want to pass the tag of universal bhai or as QI says JAgat bhai dont you? 😀
    who better than Vimmuuu to pass it to? :mrgreen:

    Vim : Naheeeeeeeeennnnn !!!! 😦

  30. August 8, 2009 5:22 am

    When I was young I thought boys were supposed to tie the rakhi to girls! since we dont much have that practice in south, and since once our school distributed rakhis to all of us and asked us to tie it to each other!! I tied it to myself 🙂

    Destination Infinity

    • August 10, 2009 1:46 am

      ROFLMAO !!! You pathetic fella, you had a rakhi tied by yourself !!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 Tooo goood !!!

  31. Pal permalink
    August 8, 2009 6:48 pm

    LOL, Vimmu! We must have an e-Rakhi event, so we can all bombard you with e-threads 🙂

  32. shraddha permalink
    August 8, 2009 7:57 pm

    yeah! good observation…

    hope you had fun rakhi day…

  33. August 9, 2009 3:33 am

    Ah well, people have already said all that I ever wanted to say! The significance of this day is largely misconstrued! Calling someone a brother is so easy these days, although the relationship is supposed to be so sacred! And in 60% cases people hardly mean it!

    Girl: Wait… he is so chipku type! I’ll tie a rakhi and teach him a lesson.
    Boy: Grrrr… bhago!

    And there are girls for whom only two relationships exist: Either you are a brother or a lover! 😀 😀

    I find this so appalling!

    PS. I am happy… got two threads this year! 😀

    • August 10, 2009 1:55 am

      “there are girls for whom only two relationships exist: Either you are a brother or a lover! ” —-Exactly !!! This is what me and another female blogger was discussing the other day !!!

      You got threads and you are happy ?? From real sisters, right ??? 😀 😀 😀

  34. August 9, 2009 10:15 am

    can i suggest something? (I know it might sound totally absurd and bizarre to say something so outlandish when i am visiting ur blog after long) Change the header… its too tacky and doesnt go with the essence of ur blog…

    the content is beautiful but the header lacks substance…if you know what i mean…

    • August 10, 2009 2:04 am

      Thanks for coming back again!! Where were you ????

      and thanks for the suggestion. But to be honest, I feel that the best part of my blog is that header. It has so many meanings 😀 😀 😀 Ok, imagine the whole essence of this blog, now look at the world, and then at the brush…getting it now??? No ??? …are you sure ??? keep looking, you will get it !! 😀 😀 😀

      • August 10, 2009 2:54 am

        gee vimmuuu…..i see a lot of interpretations of ur header!

        It reflects this is your world – VLokam

        it’s your piece of art too
        u have ur music out here, it represnts that bit of art too (and u are an artist when u sing..a good one!!!)

        it also reflects that this piece of space is yours to create n decorate, with ur words, thoughts, and we watch and share with u what u have made / created!

        I know Vlokam stands for V as in “We” and in u and ur blog friends!
        and we too add here with our comments!

        its perfect vimmuuu! {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}]

      • August 12, 2009 4:12 am

        BINGO Crafty !!! Thanks a lot !!! I was thinking if I should explain all that or not !

  35. August 9, 2009 5:39 pm

    Dude!! LOL!!
    the dress code is inspiring!!

    My friend in school used to tell the girls not to tie him rakhi! a couple of them went and complained…
    the poor boy had a tough time explaining why he didnt want the rakhis!!
    his reasoning was that – these girls – i dont even like – so where is the question of being their “so-called” brother?!!

    • August 10, 2009 2:07 am

      LOL !!!! Tooo good !!! Talk about being frank !!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 Where is that guy ? I need to meet him !!! 😉

  36. August 10, 2009 12:00 am

    Two days and no replies? Vimal rakhi is officially over. You can now take a bath and come back in your normal attire. Also once you change into normal clothes you can take out your hands and use them to type and reply 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  37. August 10, 2009 1:02 am


    for no reason…just like that……

    heard Yaaron on radio….missed you!



    • August 10, 2009 2:10 am

      Awwwww….the sweet one that you are !!!!! I hope they play yaaron every day on radio so that you can miss me !!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

      • August 11, 2009 10:53 am

        u shud have wished for something more vimmuuu!
        i just heard it again…this time someone played it in office…

        funny how i never got to hear it earlier unless i played it on my cell or pc, and now….

        u have to stop singing popular songs i tell u….

        in middle of work…heard song play…reflex action….came here to leave this comment!



      • August 12, 2009 4:09 am

        LOL, thats so sweet of you !! Dont know how long I will keep saying this 😀 😀 😀

  38. August 11, 2009 6:59 pm

    one of them is too new to tie anything on anyones hand – – lol.. rofl…

    and yea many girls take advantage of Rakshabandhan..mainly in school and colleges.. specially when they incrrectly linked with sum1…

    • August 12, 2009 4:08 am

      Exactly !! the moment they know someone is drooling at them, they get a rakhee and tie! They dont even ask us, na? 😀

  39. August 11, 2009 11:16 pm

    I guess Sholay’s Thakur is the luckiest guy in India on all Rakhi days 🙂

    This is really cute.. now let me check what you posted las year…

    • August 12, 2009 4:06 am

      LOL, he surely is !!!

      Oh, the last years post was a dedication to my sis. Its all mushy !!! 😀 😀

  40. August 16, 2009 9:11 am

    lol… !! you should have forwarded that to me immediately .. lol… !!

    but tell you wat these girls are deadly… they would probably tie a rakhi around the neck and hang us.. lol…

    they have resorted to sending virtual rakhi’s !! i got one dude !!!!!!!!!

    phew… thank god its over !!!!!!!!

    • August 19, 2009 1:43 am

      LOL, you got a virtual rakhi ???? 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

      Its gonna come next year dont thank god now !!! 😀 😀 😀

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