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oh yeah, a page I created only to show off !!! 😀 😀

But to think of it, who doesnt want to be awarded or recognized these days ? Everybody wishes for them; a few admit it and for the rest, the grapes are always sour ! 😀 😀 😀

The page name ‘V-oscaar’ was coined by Rakesh which, by the way, is how a typical Keralite or a Malabari (the keralites in the ‘gelf’ ) would pronounce -‘Oscar’ ! 😀

From Blogadda (click on the pic to view the post)

Rakesh's Guest Post

From Sujith

Visheshs LOL challenge (click on the pic to view the post)
From Reema for The Best Post of the Week Award


From Anniyan a.k.a Pavan

From Reeta

From Kanagu

From IHM

Poonams Avant Garde Bloggie Award 2008 (through votes)

Poonams Avant Garde Bloggie Awards 2009 (through votes)


(Runner up)

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